An Ideal Village


A large majority of the Indians live in the village area. Hence, we should have an idea of an ideal village.

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Sanitation and drainage:


An ideal village has good system of sanitation and drainage. Because filth and rubbish of the village should be regularly removed away into the compost pits. An ideal village has very good drains so that the dirty water of the village is properly drained away.


The dwelling-house in an ideal village are very neat and clean. The dwellers of these houses look to the house sanitation and house-drainage. The houses have sufficient windows to let in light and air. All the houses are roofed by good tiles at least.

Food and fodder:


The villagers grow food for themselves and fodder for their cattle. They eat fresh and healthy food. They grow good grass for fodder and also leave sufficient land for pasture.

Drinking water:

An ideal village should have good supply of drinking water. There are enough tube-wells in an ideal village. There are separate ponds for men and cattle.

Agriculture and Industry:


People of an ideal village are good farmers and good artisans. They grow food crops, commercial crops and oil-seeds. They take up improved method of farming. They do all kinds of home-industry including spinning and weaving.

Educational facilities:

There are Primary schools, High schools and craft schools in an ideal village. Primary education is free and compulsory.

Clinical facilities:

In an ideal village, there are clinical facilities for men and the domestic animals. Hence, there are dispensaries and veterinary dispensaries.

Other facilities:

We can find post-office, public library, playground, gymnasium and club-house there.


People of an ideal village are very neat and clean. They are quite enlightened. They have a sense of discipline and co-operation. They have a spirit of service and sacrifice. They follow the principles of plain living and high thinking. They are never idle. They are active and cheerful. Constant labour is their chief motto.


An ideal village makes all possible provision for the all-round development of her people. It is our main duty that we should lift every village of India to much higher level. The idea of an ideal village will certainly help us in discharging our duty.